MDDP The Best Tax Advisory Firm in Poland and the Best Consultancy Firm within the scope of Transfer Pricing in Poland according to a ranking compiled by International Tax Review. more


Our Mission:
To build a durable alternative on the Polish market of consulting services for both local and international corporations operating in Poland.

Our Values:

  • Professionalism resulting from many years of experience and extensive know-how of our experts in the areas they specialize in. We work for both international firms and the largest Polish firms from all market sectors. We continue to improve our professional skills so that we can render the highest-quality services to our clients.
  • Commitment that the client receives direct contact with a dedicated team of specialists consisting of a relationship manager on the level of a partner and a work coordinator.
  • Partnership is a value we stress not only in our cooperation with clients but also within our team. We build long-term relations both with clients and within our structure. The atmosphere of work in MDDP is based on mutual trust and respect as well as on open expression of individual opinions.
  • Loyalty consists of the professional manner we treat our clients in keeping confidential all matters related to them. We believe that the foundation upon which our client relationship is based on is the trust and assurance that our client is in good hands.

That is why:
Thanks to our international experience and our knowledge of the Polish market, we can offer our clients professional, high quality tailored solutions which are based on partnership.