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IT systems are used by companies more and more widely. Properly designed and correctly implemented accounting systems, meeting expectations regarding the volume and quality of financial data they generate are especially important for successful financial processes.

However, we have encountered numerous instances where financial systems introduced in haste, failing to understand requirements of accounting processes and without proper substance-related support did not meet the expectations or even proved to be an unfortunate investment.

Consultants of MDDP Finance & Accounting Solutions offer advisory services regarding implementation of financial systems. Our experience includes management of SAP implementation projects, Hyperion system and a real property management system; post-implementation reviews of financial and accounting systems, selection of CRM systems; development of concepts for implementing inventory management and fixed assets management solutions based on barcode technology. In its essence, our work is about understanding actual requirements for key processes and matching an optimum IT solution in terms of functioning and cost-related issues.

We offer essential accounting support, thus establishing a thread of understanding between the accounting department and an IT company:

  • We provide support during ERP implementations acting as a ‘link’ between the finance and accounting department and IT solution supplier; we help translate company’s needs into IT requirements,
  • We take part in the process of selecting IT solutions for accounting and business purposes, such as ERP systems (including Finance and Accounting [FA]) or CRM systems,
  • We take part in implementation of consolidation packages for capital groups,
  • We assist in choosing the optimum IT solution, providing support to the finance and accounting department during implementation; should the need arise, we suggest changes in processes and internal procedures,
  • We support the process of IT solution implementation in order to ensure their compliance with legal requirements, and
  • We provide assistance in implementation of dedicated solutions for stock and fixed assets inventory based on barcode technology.