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We have been observing processes taking place on both the global and Polish pharmaceutical market and our knowledge and experience are key resources for the largest global and local pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of medical equipment and healthcare institutions. Our consultants know the specifics of this industry. Services rendered to our clients in this sector include:

tax advisory:

  • Setting distribution strategies and tax consequences of pharmaceutical businesses functioning in Poland
  • Explaining the tax aspects of advertising pharmaceutical products
  • Determining VAT rates on pharmaceuticals/registration procedure
  • Determining the impact on the approved business model of planned changes in the pharmaceutical reimbursement system
  • Introducing tax-effective solutions related to cooperation between pharmaceutical companies and hospitals
  • Explaining the tax aspects of clinical trials
  • Explaining the tax aspects of consignment of pharmaceutical products
  • Determining the role of transfer pricing in preparing tax strategies
  • Accounting of rebates on imported products

legal advisory:

  • Regulatory advice (assessing the impact of proposed regulations, preparing proposals of regulatory solutions)
  • Registration advice to medical departments (pharmaceuticals registration, clinical trials, pharmacovigilance)
  • Marketing, advertising and sales support
  • Distribution
  • Personal data protection
  • Representing clients in proceedings related to pharmaceutical law and in proceedings before administrative authorities 
  • Ownership transformation of healthcare institutions
  • Preparing commercial agreements