MDDP The Best Tax Advisory Firm in Poland and the Best Consultancy Firm within the scope of Transfer Pricing in Poland according to a ranking compiled by International Tax Review. more


 MDDP Audit offers services customized to match the specific nature of a company’s activities and meet legal requirements. We support our clients in the field of auditing, financial and managerial reporting and accounting. Our methods provide a multi-dimensional analysis which is subsequently translated into top quality services. Company services include:

  • auditing and reviewing of separate and consolidated financial statements drawn up in accordance with principles set out in the Polish Accounting Act and International Financial Reporting Standards;
  • auditing and reviewing of consolidation packages drawn up in accordance with IFRS, US GAAP and other local standards;
  • reviewing of accounting systems and internal control mechanisms;
  • participation in the introduction of securities into public trading;
  • participation in restructuring, privatisation and mergers of entities;
  • auditing of EU projects;
  • regulatory audits;
  • auditing of annual reports;
  • auditing of non-cash contributions;
  • auditing of company merger/division or transformation plans;
  • due diligence, 
  • advisory services during IFRS implementation involving the development of IFRS implementation plans and provision of support during the identification and estimation of differences in values resulting from IFRS application, their reflection in the books, modifications to Corporate Chart of Accounts and financial reporting;
  • accounting consultancy and reviews.