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The International Taxes Team consists of specialists having an extensive experience in the development of sustainable tax strategies for Polish and foreign firms operating in a few states or globally. It always has to do with the issues such as the tax at source on the interest, dividends or licensing fees, insufficient capitalization as well as more complex matters such as cash pooling, netting or an international tax consolidation.

International reorganization of enterprises and international tax strategies
We advise on the construction, transformations, mergers, divisions of entities and various forms of disposal of enterprises, frequently with the use of tools offered by tax systems of other states. We help both Polish and foreign enterprises that attained such a level of development that their existing ownership or operational structures are no longer practical. We guarantee specialist advice in cases where the sale of the business, stock exchange debut or an acquisition of resources from a private equity fund is planned in the future. In the cooperation without customers, we work out the most advantageous tax strategies facilitating the presence on a competitive local or international market. We support Polish companies and global corporations that want to rise up to the international tax requirements and take advantage of all the new possibilities, manage the global tax risk, fulfil trans-border reporting obligations and efficiently implement transfer price procedures.

Business taxation beyond Poland
We explain tax obligations in force in other states to entrepreneurs starting business beyond the borders of Poland. We advise on the selection of the most effective form of business and the use of possible reliefs, deductions and solutions resulting from double taxation agreements. We optimise the general cost of taxes for an entire group.

International tax relieves and deductions
We help entrepreneurs in an effective deduction of income taxes paid in other countries and in the practical use of possible reliefs and deductions under international agreements, directives and foreign legal regulations.

Private international investment structures
We support individuals in the establishment and implementation of balanced tax structures and strategies based on international solutions taking into account the separation of business assets and personal assets as well as optimising inheritance solutions.