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From January 1, some entities have to provide information on the Mandatory Disclosure Rules. The tax scheme is defined very broadly and includes not only prohibited tax optimizations, but also completely correct, fully legal actions.

If the company fails to comply with the obligations related to providing information on tax schemes (failure to notify the Head of the Tax Information System or forwarding information after the deadline), it may result in cash penalties.

MDDP provides comprehensive services related to MDR - our help may include:

  • Preparation of the internal procedure aimed at counteracting the failure to Mandatory Disclosure Rules. We will prepare an internal procedure for you to counteract the failure to comply with obligations regarding reporting of tax schemes in accordance with the provisions of the Tax Ordinance Act. The procedure will also be aimed at organizing the internal processes of your organization related to the identification and potential reporting of tax schemes to the Head of KAS.
  • Conducting workshops for employees (the Management Board, tax, legal and financial departments) in order to present new obligations resulting from MDR and liability related to this.
  • Ongoing advice provided during the performance of MDR duties (hotline service - our specialists will answer your doubts regarding the need to submit the reconciliation data as tax schemes).
  • Audit of reconciliations that took place in a given period in terms of the necessity to report them to the Head of the Tax Office as a tax scheme. As part of this service, MDDP will be actively involved in the process of identifying and reporting tax schemes – we will analyze transactions in a given period, prepare forms for monthly periods, and support you in completing tax information for MDR. The result of our work will be the memorandum, that indicates which transactions were analyzed, and which of them are subject of notification.
  • MDRcheck -  MDDP created a special IT tool to assist in the analysis of the obligation to report the scheme. If it is determined that the reconciliation is subject to reporting to the head of the KAS, the tool will allow to generate a tax scheme filing file. The MDRcheck tool is intended to support the analysis and preparation of the report. It is structured in a way that allows such analysis also by people who do not have specialist tax knowledge.


  • Determining the role in which you perform at a given arrangement. The same entity can be both the Beneficiary and the Promoter / Supporter in certain situations and depending on it subject might have different obligations.
  • The board members are secured from the perspective of criminal and tax liability - for missing or incorrect report.
  • It saves your time.