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Among the leading MDDP services are advisory services for real estate companies. We advise real estate agencies, investment funds, leasing companies, private investors – both Polish and multinational.

Our consultants have extensive experience and provide advisory related to:


  • Taxation of income from real estate investments
  • Indirect real estate taxes (VAT and tax on civil law transactions)
  • Choosing  an optimal ownership structure for investments on the real estate market in terms of tax efficiency, taking into account the specific investment whether in residential or non-residential real estate
  • Taxation of alternative forms of financing real estate investments
  • Optimisation of tax depreciation
  • Taxation of leasing and renting property 
  • Settlement of property investments and exploitation costs
  • Property tax


  • Examining the legal status of properties (assessment of investment possibilities in terms of land use regulations, encumbrances, reprivatisation claims)
  • Legal services related to selling and purchasing real estate
  • Support in the investment processes (environmental decisions, construction and occupancy permits)
  • Environmental law advisory
  • Representing clients before the courts and with respect to administrative proceedings  (real estate registration, claims related to lease agreements and other claims related to real estate)
  • Advisory services and representation of clients before courts as for reprivatisation claims

MDDP tax experts: Justine Bauta-Szostak and Bartosz Bogdański are co-authors of a book on the taxation of transactions related to real estate: “Nieruchomości – Sprzedaż, najem, dzierżawa. Skutki w PIT, CIT i VAT."