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Activity in the field of sports and culture involves work in a unique economic sector and legal environment. The rules governing taxation on income for artists and sportspeople require an interdisciplinary approach to each individual case from the point of view of Polish tax regulations, other legislation and double taxation treaties. Our experts are experienced in serving organisations active in the media, entertainment and culture sectors. They offer our Clients a level of consultancy that is tailored to their individual needs and takes into account their specific form of business.

We advise our Clients on:

  • Taxation on specific types of income from sports and artistic activities;
  • Taxation on income earned from participation in sports and artistic events abroad;
  • Beneficial income tax solutions for individuals;
  • Choosing the best structure of investments by individuals;
  • Efficient tax settlement of income earned by business entities from sponsoring agreements;
  • Tax settlements on remuneration paid to foreign artists and sportspeople in Poland;
  • Polish tax settlements for foreign artists and sportspeople on their income earned in Poland; Determining the amount of tax and other deductions in connection with investments in sports infrastructure;
  • Determining the correct amount of VAT on products and services in the spheres of sports and culture, sold in Poland and abroad.


In co-operation with the law firm MDDP Olkiewicz i Wspólnicy, we offer advice on:

  • Copyright and derivative rights;
  • The protection of image rights, including full service in the event of disputes on this subject;
  • The formulation of sponsoring agreements and other documents in a manner that not only provides Clients the fullest protection for their interests under civil law, but also protects them against undesirable consequences in other spheres, such as taxation law;
  • Contracts of employment, contracts to perform a specific task, contracts of mandate, and other contracts that involve an assignment of copyright or image rights, taking into account the tax consequences;
  • Representing Clients in disputes over the protection of copyright and derivative rights.