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 The Tax Litigation Team renders end-to-end services related to aid to taxable persons in the event of disputes with tax authorities and guarantees legal aid to persons against whom penal fiscal proceedings are pending. Our services are not limited to the help in the course of an audit or tax proceedings. While monitoring the latest awards of the ECJ, Constitutional Tribunal and administrative courts and the interpretations of tax agencies, we search for areas in which you can minimize your tax burdens.

Aid in disputes with tax or customs agencies
We know very well about the noxiousness of the tax procedure or a tax audit. This is why we take over nearly the entire burden of contacts with the tax administration, which makes it possible for our customers to concentrate on the current activity. They receive full support as of the commencement of the procedure or audit to the final settlement of a dispute. We do not limit ourselves to reactions to the demands of the tax administration. We initiate specific actions of the administrating taking advantage of all the legal measures available to a taxable person on a given stage of the procedure.

Representation in court and vis-à-vis administrative agencies
Our attorneys do not only appear in tax proceedings but also represent taxable persons in disputes with customs agencies and other agencies of the state administration (e.g. ZUS, GIOŚ). We defend the interests of our customers in proceedings in the Constitutional Tribunal and the ECJ. We manage penal fiscal cases both in financial enforcement agencies and courts. We also represent aggrieved taxable persons in claim proceedings under the civil law related to losses caused by activities of the tax administration.