How we work

Using our international experience and in-depth knowledge of Polish regulations and business realities, we help clients find proven solutions that support safe business development.

At MDDP, we believe that nothing is impossible, and there is a solution that can be found, even if it is not obvious. We try to offer MORE than just a standard service because we believe that today a standard service is not enough.

We treat trust as the basis for successful cooperation. We know that it can be built and maintained only by building it on strong pillars:


Quality is our priority in everything we do.
Experience allows us to look at things from many different perspectives. We know from everyday practice that details do matter.


We have the largest number of practitioners on the market with over 25 years of experience in daily advisory to clients.
Our advisers combine international business experience with in-depth knowledge of regulations and understanding of the specifics of a given industry and work for international concerns and the largest Polish companies from various sectors of the economy.


We are on the client’s side and we handle client matters as if they were our own.
We value individual approach and direct contact, which is why clients work with a dedicated team and they are supported at the partner level on a daily basis.


We look for specific solutions in the most difficult cases and provide answers that help clients run their business safely. The experience and knowledge of MDDP experts covering all areas of tax law translate into reliable recommendations regardless of the complexity and scale of the problem.


Every day we work on multidisciplinary, complex and often innovative projects combining the competences of our various firms. We exchange knowledge, we look together for the best possible solutions and synergy effect.
Thanks to the close cooperation of all MDDP departments, we help clients make the most important business decisions of a tax, legal and financial nature.