Business and intangible asset valuations

The valuation of a business or asset plays a key role in strategic decisions and transactions.

We understand these needs and offer a comprehensive range of business and intangible asset valuation services.

When might you need a valuation?

  • Sale transactions

  • Donation transactions

  • Reorganisations (mergers, demergers, contributions in kind)

  • Internal owner information

  • Restructuring

  • Licensing of intangible assets

  • Sale of customer base

  • Exit fee

  • When benchmarking is not possible due to lack of data

Our aim is to provide reliable and professional valuations as a sound basis for business decisions.

The combination of transfer pricing and valuation experience allows us to produce valuations that are useful from both a tax and business perspective.


How can we help you?

What types of valuations can we undertake?

Valuation of businesses

  • Company valuations (businesses as a whole)
  • Valuation of organised parts of companies (OCP)
  • Valuation of shares in limited companies
Valuation of intangible assets
  • Valuation of trademarks
  • Royalty valuation
  • Royalty valuation
  • Valuation of know-how
We can also assist with the valuation of:
  • patents
  • Internet domains
  • customer databases
  • software
  • debt portfolios.
We carry out valuations using standard market property, comparative and income methods.

Selected Experience

For example, we have prepared:

valuation of an organised part of a business for a company in the publishing industry for the needs of a business reorganisation,

valuation of a manufacturing company for the purpose of sale of shares between shareholders,

valuation of a brand for a service company in the tourism industry,

valuation of technology in the form of computer software for a property rental company,

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