Transfer Pricing documentations automated

Use Smart.TP app to prepare a complete and factually correct transfer pricing documentation on your own (under tax regulations in force in a given year).

How does it work?

Transfer pricing documentation is compiled automatically based on the Transfer Pricing Documentation Template designed by MDDP. It has been developed separately for each type of transaction.

Each Template comes with a Form. The App user only fills in the main variables related to the functional analysis and the methodology linked to a given transaction.

Based on the Template and the completed Form, data is processed and TP documentation is generated automatically.

Why should you choose Smart.TP app?

Smart.TP app is simple and intuitive: answering a few key questions is enough to have your documentation prepared.

Smart.TP app supports mapping the business essence of the documented transaction without checking the requirements set out in individual acts.

Smart.TP app can be customized to meet your specific needs (by automatically loading data from selected source files).

It will help you meet formal obligations under the regulations in force from 1 January 2019 (with the possibility of adding modules supporting transactions generated according to previous tax regimes: regulations in force until 31 December 2016 and regulations in force between 1 January 2017 and 31 December 2018).

It will automate and speed up the process of compiling transfer pricing documentation.

It will efficiently prepare complete documentation in case of tax audits.

It will help you to timely meet statutory obligations.

It will make your documentation in line with the standards of transfer pricing experts.

Smart.TP app makes it easier to fill in TP-R form.

MDDP’s Smart.TP – the benefits

Time saving

Filling in the Form and compiling the documentation is faster.


Transfer pricing documentation templates – prepared by MDDP experts – comply with the latest and all applicable regulations.


You have the option of addressing a specific matter with an MDDP advisor.

Permanent access to the software

The documentation is saved as an editable Microsoft Word document (.docx) or a .pdf file. The app user can change or supplement it at any time without the need to use additional programs outside the Microsoft Office suite.


Using the app independently ensures full confidentiality of data – it is not sent to an external server at any stage of your working on it.

Simple and user-friendly interface

The app is intuitive and guides you through subsequent steps.

User support

It is available throughout the entire process of installation, modification and customization.

Works with Smart.TP-R app

When compiling transfer pricing documentation using Smart.TP app, you will automatically prepare a TP-R form.


Smart.TP app received a distinction in 2018 in the ‘Innovations’ category. In 2019, MDDP took first place in the ‘Innovative Solution’ category in the Ranking of Tax Advisory Firms by the Rzeczpospolita daily for the Smart.TP and Smart.TP-R app package. In the 16th Ranking of Tax Companies and Advisors by DGP daily, the application was listed as one of the innovative IT solutions.


A variety of needs? SMART.TP comes in several options!​

Contact our staff responsible for the development and implementation of the product. Arrange a free demonstration of SMART.TP app – safely, online, at a convenient time. You can already today check how SMART.TP will streamline the process of compiling transfer pricing documentation.

SMART.TP is available in basic, individual and extended variants depending on your needs. Check which version will be most suitable for you!

Transfer pricing documentation – yes, but that’s not all

Are you using Smart.TP app (which supports generating automatic transfer pricing documentation) and want to speed up the process of preparing TP-R forms?

Smart.TP app offers integration with Smart.TP-R app. So, when preparing transfer pricing documentation using Smart.TP, you will automatically prepare a TP-R form based on previously completed data.

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