Automation of the IFT-2R form

Certain transactions with foreign entities (non-residents) require completion of a special form – IFT-2R. These include payments for interest, dividends, royalties and certain intangible services defined by law.        

While the IFT-2R form itself is three pages long, entrepreneurs carrying out multiple transactions during the year must be prepared for the tedious process of completing the return for the entire tax year and this involves converting payments in foreign currencies into PLN and specifying specific payment dates.             

The deadline for filing the IFT-2R is (for taxpayers with the same tax year as the calendar year) 31 March, and it is a fiscal offence not to file the IFT-2R by the statutory deadline.


The solution is for MDDP to perform the automated filling of forms and collective sending thereof to the tax authority.   Such a procedure offers tangible benefits:     

  • Saving the time and the cost involved in the administrative activity of completing the IFT-2R form.
  • Tax risk management – diminished probability of making a mistake when completing the form
  • Easy conversion of financial data from foreign currency to PLN.

How can we help you?

Our services include comprehensive support with regard to establishing and sending IFT-2R forms:

  • we will complete the forms based on the data from your financial system,
  • we will provide you with ready-to-send forms together with the eDek application,
  • upon your request, we will sign and send the forms to the tax authority on your behalf (based on the power of attorney granted to us)
  • we will generate the sent forms with UPO confirmation of receipt.   


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