• Creating modern remuneration systems for employees and managers (e.g. incentive schemes, remuneration systems with copyright transfer).
  • Taxation of remuneration and employee benefits (e.g. company cars, medical care, sports tickets, cafeteria).
  • Review of remuneration systems in terms of correctness of settlements and efficiency
  • Analysis of profitability and the possibility of implementing cooperation in the form of B2B
  • BENEFIT REVIEW – a review of benefits/remuneration components granted to employees in terms of correctness of adopted taxation and contribution rules
  • Different formulas for foreign posting – business trip, short or long-term posting.
  • Planning posting models taking into account national and international regulations and the specifics of the posting country.
  • Support in preparing documentation before posting.
  • Advisory for employers and employees related to posting in the sending and receiving countries as well as assistance in the implementation and implementation of tax equalization and tax protection policy.
  • Obtaining PIT and ZUS certificates (e.g. tax residence certificate, A1, S1, EKUZ certificate). Compliance with reporting and updating obligations before tax offices and ZUS Social Security Institution.
  • Support for employers and foreign staff in legalization of stay and work in Poland.
  • Settlement and preparation of annual tax returns for foreign persons employed in Poland and personnel delegated to work abroad. Coordination of tax settlements in the home country and the posting country.
  • Remote work from Poland and abroad (including implementation of so-called workation)
  • Support in the process of cooperation with influencers and advertising agencies
  • Organization of contests (development of rules and regulations, rules for awarding prizes)
  • Implementation of loyalty programs
  • Events for clients/contractors/employees


  • Tax advisory on investing assets in Poland and abroad.
  • Tax advisory in the process of settling foreign income, including capital income obtained both in Poland and abroad, cooperation with foreign financial institutions.
  • Representing investors in dealing with tax offices. Conducting tax proceedings.
  • Advisory and support in the implementation of FX obligations in connection with foreign assets and liabilities.
  • Inheritance planning for foreign assets and investments.
  • Preparation of annual tax settlements for foreigners employed in Poland and personnel delegated to work abroad.
  • Preparation of annual tax settlements for residents receiving income from various sources located in Poland and abroad.
  • Coordination of the tax settlement process in foreign countries in cooperation with foreign tax offices.

Personal Tax Practice and Advisory Services for Employers

Personal Tax Practice and Advisory Services for Employers consists of experts – tax advisors and legal advisers – labour law, personal tax and social security experts, whose knowledge and experience guarantee the certainty of finding the right solutions.

Personal taxes relate to both income from work, managerial contracts, self-employment, and income from investments made by individuals in cash, luxury goods, real estate, and assets acquired as donation or inheritance. Different sources of income, regardless of whether their location is in Poland or abroad, require an individual assessment of the tax consequences for a natural person in the context of Polish tax regulations, the tax residence of a given person and the provisions of double taxation conventions.

Personal Tax Practice and Advisory Services for Employers helps clients in tax settlements from the planning stage to already completed projects or transactions in the area of ​​personal income tax, inheritance and donation tax, tax on civil law transactions and social security.

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