• Advisory on the setp-up , transformations, mergers, divisions of entities and various forms of dispositions of shares or an enterprise, taking into account international taxation rules, according to identified needs, adopted objectives and assumptions;
  • Classification of group flows in terms of their proper qualification of revenue and tax deductibility;
  • Implementation of group standards aimed at simplifying/limiting flows and reducing costs;
  • Support in tax settlement of cross-border flow of services, goods, financing and industrial property rights.
  • Introduction of foreign investors into  Polish market in a formula adequate for the planned undertaking;
  • Support in efficient  project  completion;
  • Preparation of Polish enterprises for accepting new investors;
  • Defining tax obligations in overseas operational/investment structures of Polish entities;
  • Support in the meeting  of tax requirements by Polish entrepreneurs undertaking operations and operating outside Poland;
  • Support in identification of withholding tax obligations on payments made from Poland to abroad;
  • Determination of appropriate rules for applying withholding tax on payments made out of Poland, with particular attention to proving the conditions of exemption from tax or applying reduced rates thereof;
  • Indication of the conditions for applying double taxation reduction mechanisms for payments received from abroad and taxed therein;
  • Assistance in putting into practice   reductions and deductions available under  international agreements and EU law;
  • Support in activities aimed at securing individual investor’s assets;
  • Indication of  conditions and tax principles of succession;

MDDP International Taxes Practice

The Practice includes specialists with extensive experience of many years in solving the most complex issues related to the operations of Polish enterprises outside Poland, as well as foreign entities operating or intending to operate in Poland.

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