• Introduction of foreign investors to the Polish market
  • Introduction of Polish investors to foreign markets
  • Effective financing structure
  • Effective acquisition (in the form of assets, shares, an enterprise or an organized part of an enterprise, etc.)
  • Tax, financial and legal due diligence (identification of significant risks)
  • Transaction advisory, participation in negotiations
  • Preparation of transaction documentation (preliminary purchase agreement, purchase agreement)
  • Tax reviews
  • Tax risk management
  • Tax analyses and opinions
  • Determining effective depreciation rates for income tax purposes
  • Determining proper tax basis for tax on revenues from the building (minimal tax on commercial real estate)
  • Preparation of real estate for disposal
  • Inventory of assets
  • Review of property tax
  • Allocation of direct and indirect costs
  • Setting the initial value and depreciation rates
  • Profit distribution and withholding tax (WHT)
  • Property tax
  • Tax on revenues from buildings (minimal tax on commercial real estate)
  • Taxation rules for exiting investments (in the form of assets, shares, an enterprise or an organized part of an enterprise, etc.)
  • Profit distribution and withholding tax
  • Comprehensive support in the merger, division, sale of an enterprise or organized part of an enterprise, liquidation etc.
  • Settlement plan for liabilities or claims arising during ongoing investments
  • Preparation of documentation and coordination of the process of restructuring or liquidation of companies;
  • Process analysis from the perspective of the GAAR and MDR clause
  • Application for refund of overpayment of tax (minimum tax, withholding tax and other property taxes)
  • Comprehensive support in proceedings and inspections
  • Transfer pricing documentation
  • Benchmarking study
  • Advance Pricing Arrangements (APA)
  • Transfer pricing inspections
  • Business model analysis and assessment
  • Mutual Agreement Procedure
  • Safe harbours
  • CIT-TP form for 2018 and TP-R form from 2019;
  • Development of methodologies, procedures or statements regarding the correct identification of relationships;
  • Risk of “non-recognizing” or “re-characterizing” of transactions;
  • Permanent establishment from the perspective of transfer pricing
  • Examination of the legal status of real estate
  • Legal support for the process of selling and purchasing real estate
  • Support in other investment and construction processes
  • Advisory and representation before courts and authorities in legal and administrative proceedings
  • Lease Agreements
  • Due diligence
  • Cash flow modelling
  • Financial model audit
  • Preparation of financial forecasts.
  • Advisory on accounting policies and chart of accounts.
  • Advisory on the allocation of purchase costs.
  • Restructuring of finance and accounting departments.
  • Project management procedures.
  • Outsourcing of experienced project managers.
  • Review of the efficiency and safety of operational procedures and property management.
  • Searching for investors and potential acquisition targets

MDDP’s Real Estate Practice

MDDP’s Real Estate Practice, combined of over 30 people, helps companies and individuals in tax, financial and legal aspects of buying, holding and selling real estate properties.

We cooperate  with major players – developers, investment funds, leasing companies and private investors in the most important transactions and leading investment projects in Poland and other Central European countries – from design to sale.

MDDP’s Real Estate Practice advises clients at all stages of their business – from decision and selection of the optimal legal form of investment, through ongoing advisory related to the specifics of the development business, to disinvestment.

Our Practice combines international experience, global standards with in-depth knowledge of Polish tax, legal and business reality, as a result of which we offer practical solutions that help you run your business more effectively. Thanks to the close cooperation between MDDP departments, the Real Estate Practice provides comprehensive consulting services necessary to conduct business in the real estate industry.

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