Who we cooperate with

Osborne Clarke

Osborne Clarke is an international law firm of more than 1,300 lawyers working across 26 offices worldwide, including Belgium, China, France, Spain, Germany, Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy, and Poland. Its legal services revolve around three main economic trends: decarbonization, digitalization and urban dynamics. Osborne Clarke's experts combine legal knowledge and extensive experience with an understanding of their clients' business needs and goals. With a sector-focused approach to legal services, they help clients meet both current and future challenges.

In Poland, Osborne Clarke has a team of over 60 lawyers focusing on assisting companies in the technology, energy (including renewable energy), infrastructure, real estate, financial services, investment funds, venture capital, and private equity sectors. The firm emphasises comprehensive support for its clients, offering legal services combined with practical business advice. It actively participates in consultations on proposed legislation and collaborates with business organisations and industry associations. Osborne Clarke lawyers have authored numerous publications and articles in professional publications and economic media. They are also actively involved in the education of young lawyers in key areas of law and business.

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ETL Global

ETL GLOBAL is an international network of consulting companies and one of the leaders of the European consulting market for international clients. By combining experience and competence, MDDP and ETL GLOBAL aim to build a strong position in the CEE region, leveraging global and local know-how and technological solutions. In addition to the convergence of business approaches, both companies are committed to boldness, innovation and quality - these are the values that have determined our continued shared path of international growth.
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National Chamber of Tax Advisers

The National Chamber of Tax Advisors is a mandatory professional self-government of tax advisers established on 1 January, 1997 by virtue of the Act on Tax Advisory of 5 July 1996, where only tax advisors are members. MDDP is an active member of the professional self-government.
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Tax Council of the Lewiatan Confederation

The Tax Council is a representative forum for entrepreneurs to express views on the tax law, comprising 150 people, including tax experts and managers, financial directors, tax advisers and legal counsels from 37 industries.

The purpose of the council is to propose and advocate amendments to the tax law to improve the quality of this law and to create solutions that are beneficial for entrepreneurs and thus for economic development.

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VAT Expert Group

The VAT Expert Group set up and working for the European Commission consists of VAT experts and organizations representing companies across Europe whose knowledge and experience can help in the development and implementation of VAT policies in the European Union.
MDDP is the only Polish member in this group and has been working in it for the fourth term. It is a great distinction and commitment for us, because the Group's objective is to work on proposals and draft amendments to EU VAT regulations, which has a huge impact on the operations of Polish entrepreneurs.
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The International Fiscal Association (IFA) is an organization that deals with the analysis and development of international and comparative law in the field of public finance, particularly international and comparative tax law, as well as financial and trade aspects of taxation. IFA has been operating worldwide since 1938 and brings together over 13,500 individuals from 115 countries. As a result, the association includes individuals holding high positions in both the private and public sectors, including courts, higher education institutions, as well as international governmental and non-governmental organizations. IFA plays a significant role in shaping the rules governing international tax systems and in presenting potential solutions to problems arising from their practical application. IFA serves as a forum for experts to exchange opinions on international tax systems.
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The Polish-British Chamber of Commerce (BPCC)

The Polish-British Chamber of Commerce (BPCC ) is the leading and one of the most active chambers in Poland. The aim of the organisation is to support the development of Polish-British economic cooperation and investment in Poland and the UK. BPCC Policy Groups support to create better business relationships through regular meetings with representatives of the Polish private companies and firms from the public sector. MDDP has been a member of the chamber since January 2022


The Urban Land Institute (ULI) is the world's oldest and largest non-profit research and education organization, bringing together experts in all fields related to property management and land usufructuary, with MDDP as a Strategic Partner.
ULI promotes responsible development of the real estate sector, supports research and education in this segment, and influences the shape of the industry around the world.
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The Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce (PUCC)

The Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce (PUCC) is the center of knowledge, support and inspiration as well as a hub for exchanging experience and contacts for the benefit of Polish-Ukrainian cooperation. The goals of the PUCC is to represent Ukrainian investors in Poland and Polish ones in Ukraine and allow cooperation with Polish, Ukrainian and international business organizations. The Chamber brings together more than 350 companies which have the opportunity to work together in 15 industry committees.
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Belgian Business Chamber (BBC)

The Belgian Business Chamber, which MDDP is a member of, is a non-governmental organization, operating since 1992, and its mission is to build favorable conditions for economic cooperation between companies from both countries and to promote Belgium in Poland. In order to implement its mission, the Chamber holds, among other things, Business Mixer, Speed Business Meeting and Business Breakfast meetings, conferences, seminars and trainings.
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Interactive Advertising Bureau Poland has been present on the Polish interactive technology and advertising market since 2000. The Bureau’s mission is to support the activities of participants in the interactive communication market and to popularize the Internet as an effective medium through promotional, research, educational and legal protection activities.

MDDP joined the organization in 2019. MDDP supports IAB in informing about and analysing issues related to changes in the tax law and their impact on the internet industry.

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Executive Club

Executive Club is a business organization associating top executives, representing the most important Polish and international companies.
The objective of Executive Club is to create in Poland an environment supporting top executives in improving business methods and practices.

MDDP has been a member of the Executive Club since January 2020.

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