TP-R form automatically filled in and filed

Be ready to face a potential audit. Check whether transactions with related parties involve risks that can be identified by tax authorities.

The end of the year is the deadline for taxpayers to file a new report with the Head of National Revenue Administration (KAS): the TP-R form (information on transfer pricing). The form involves reporting to the tax authorities hefty amount of very detailed information about the taxpayer. It also requires sharing information on transactions with related entities and tax haven entities, including in particular the results of benchmarking analyses and the result achieved by the taxpayer on the reported transaction.

An additional difficulty is that the new form, although short, contains many ambiguities about what and how to report. There are many questions and doubts and the clock is ticking.

This is when SMART.TP-R app comes in:

TP-R obligations met easier and faster.

TP-R form filled in correctly without the need to verify the content of the regulations and explanations.

Automated and accelerated process of filling in and filing the TP-R form.

Possibility to integrate with the Smart.TP app for automatic generation of transfer pricing documentation.

Reduced risk of incorrectly filled in TP-R form - built-in formulas notify about basic errors.

Streamlined tax information management process – administration panel for each user.

Easily editable previous versions of the forms and easily updated forms in future tax years.

Due diligence and data archiving for the purposes of tax audit.

Identified and reduced risks in the field of transfer pricing based on a report generated by the Smart.TP-R app.

How does it work?

A variety of needs? SMART.TP-R comes in several options!

Contact our staff responsible for the development and implementation of the product. Arrange a free demonstration of SMART.TP app – safely, online, at a convenient time. You can already today check how SMART.TP will streamline the process of compiling transfer pricing documentation.

SMART.TP is available in basic, individual and extended variants depending on your needs. Check which version will be most suitable for you!

TP-R – yes, but that’s not all

Are you already using Smart.TP app (which supports generating automatic transfer pricing documentation) or would like to start using it?

Smart.TP-R app offers integration with Smart.TP app. So, when preparing transfer pricing documentation using Smart.TP, you will automatically prepare a TP-R form.

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