Remote work from abroad

How do you organize it well?

Working under palm trees - why not? Today, employers more and more frequently allow employees to perform work from any place in the world. Not always, however, both parties seem to be aware that such a model of remote work requires very precise formal arrangements. Working from home has already become so well accepted that its permanent inclusion in the Labour Code is practically a foregone conclusion. On the other hand, the possibility to provide remote work from abroad will be another benefit that often determines the outcome of the recruitment process. Employers must, however, get well prepared for this model - in organisational, legal and tax terms. This will allow them to open up to foreign labour markets and employ workers without the need to physically bring them to Poland on a permanent basis.

It pays to stay one step ahead of the competition

How do you become a more attractive employer offering unlimited remote working opportunities?

  • Analyse the situation of your company and your own employees in a comprehensive manner
  • Map possible risks
  • Incorporate relevant provisions in internal working rules
  • Establish clear procedures to ensure the safety of both employer and employee.

The most common issues involved in remote work

Given our experience to date, the questions from employers and employees are as follows:

  • In which country should the salary paid to the employee be taxed?
  • Should the company register as an employer abroad?
  • What about social security contributions? Should contributions still be paid to the Polish Social Security Institution?
  • What are the labour law obligations for the employer in this case? Do foreign regulations bind the Polish employer?
  • Should the employer create regulations for remote work?
  • What are the employer’s obligations in the event of an accident to an employee working remotely from outside Poland?
  • Does the provision of remote work by an employee from abroad create a risk of establishing a permanent establishment in that country, subject to local CIT? How do you manage this risk?

We have extensive experience in implementing projects related to remote work, including international projects.

How can we help you?

  • We will advise you on the obligations of the employer and the employee working remotely from abroad,
  • We will adapt internal labour law acts to the challenges of remote work from abroad,
  • We will create simple and clear procedures for concluding contracts with employees for remote work from abroad,
  • We will prepare PIT settlements as well as health and social security contributions for employees performing remote work from abroad,
  • In cooperation with our foreign partners, we will analyse the scope of obligations of a Polish employer and employee under both Polish and foreign labour, tax and social security laws,
  • We will settle tax and insurance claims in another country.

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