The latest SLIM VAT 2 package

What changes are awaiting entrepreneurs?

SLIM VAT 2 is an amendment to the VAT Act introducing changes in the following areas among others:

  • neutral settlement of output VAT and input VAT in case of supply of goods and import of services,
  • elimination of certain conditions for applying bad debt relief,
  • new rules regarding recognition of corrective invoices for VAT and importation of services,
  • resignation from the exemption for the supply of a real estate,
  • deduction of input tax after the time limit for entering an invoice “on an ongoing basis”,
  • rules for assigning transport in case of chain deliveries,
  • facilitates use of the VAT account.

Why is it worth it?

Recent changes in VAT often cause more uncertainty for taxpayers, although they were intended to serve as simplification in response to taxpayers’ problems.

The SLIM VAT 2 package involves a number of changes that may result in your company in:

  • changed procedures for VAT settlements,
  • modification of the rules for recognising corrective invoices,
  • new possibilities of taking advantage of the bad debt relief.

Above all, however, the new regulations pose a challenge to persons in charge of appropriate recognition of business transactions in tax settlements of entities.

How can we help you?

  • We will carry out a tax audit, in which we will analyse the company’s tax settlements in terms of their correctness and efficiency, in particular taking into account the new regulations,
  • We will support you in implementing new solutions in an effective and compliant manner,
  • We will prepare and implement appropriate procedures and rules aimed at limiting the risk related to incorrect settlements; thanks to this, we will limit the liability of persons in your company under the Fiscal Penal Code,
  • We will carry out trainings for employees of financial, tax, legal or other departments responsible for your tax settlements; during the trainings we will not only present the latest changes in VAT, but we will also analyse problematic cases and answer any questions.


Compliance of settlements with the latest regulations, in particular in relation to the successive changes as regards corrective invoices

Clarity on complex business transactions difficult to classify related, for instance, to supplies involving several entities in the chain or sales to the UK

Ability to recover interest paid as a result of applying the so-called "separate recognition” effective prior to SLIM VAT 2 with regard to ICA and importation of services

Your company's awareness of the “weaker sides” of the new regulations and the problems that may arise from them in your tax returns

Taking advantage of the possibility of applying the new bad debt relief regulations and recognising input tax after the period set for invoice recognition on an ongoing basis.

Companies from the following businesses:

Leasing industry

Automotive industry

Machinery manufacturing industry

Hospitality industry

IT industry

Real estate industry

Transport and logistics industry

Energy industry

Fuel industry

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