Fiscal Representation

  • A fiscal representative in dealings with the Polish tax authorities represents a non-EU entity that does not have the registered office of the business or a permanent place of business in any of the member states. Such an entity is required to appoint a fiscal representative if it performs taxable activities in Poland.
  • A fiscal representative may (but is not required to) also be appointed by a taxable person with the registered office of the business or a permanent place of business in an EU Member State other than Poland.
  • What is important is that a fiscal representative not only represents their client but is also jointly and severally liable with the client for VAT liabilities that it settles on behalf and for the account of the taxpayer.


Do you want to safely and lawfully conduct your business in the European Union?

Entrust us with your VAT settlements as your fiscal representative - we will ensure that they are correct, timely and complete.

Thanks to this, you will be able to limit potential risks and focus on your business.

How can we help you?

As your fiscal representative, we will take over overall responsibility for your tax settlements:

  • We will carry out your company’s registration for VAT purposes in Poland
  • We will handle ongoing VAT settlements:
    • We will prepare monthly JPK_VAT7M (SAF-T) declarations
    • We will prepare EU VAT returns
    • We will prepare and submit Intrastat declarations
    • We will settle import tax under a simplified procedure
    • We will apply for VAT refund
    • If you conduct sales to individuals from other EU member states or third countries – we will register your company for the relevant procedure within the e-commerce package;
  • We will maintain ongoing contact with the tax authorities on your behalf, also during inspections
  • If necessary, we will represent you in proceedings before the tax authorities or in court.

Our experience

As regards our comprehensive VAT compliance services, we have many years of experience serving international clients.          

We work for entities representing various industries, among others:

Automotive industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Paper industry

Chemical industry

Fuel industry

Video consoles and games industry

Furniture industry

Advertising gadgets industry


Joanna Ryś-Bednarczyk

Partner | Tax adviser
T: (+48) (22) 320 48 40

Tomasz Michalik

Partner | Tax adviser | Head of the VAT Practice
T: (+48) (22) 322 68 70

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