• Planning and support in establishing national and international investment structures;
  • Analysis of possible acquisition scenarios with presentation of tax consequences;
  • Presentation of possible financing scenarios for acquisitions, with particular emphasis on the tax implications of individual options;
  • Support in obtaining individual advanced tax rulings to ensure selected tax implications;
  • Support in the scope of correct tax settlement of transactions.
  • Comprehensive due diligence reviews at the request of the buyer and vendor due diligence (on the seller’s side) as a result of share deals, asset deals or transfer of going concern;
  • Analysis of due diligence reports prepared by the seller’s advisors or extending / supplementing the scope of procedures carried out by the seller’sadvisors (top-up due diligence);
  • Tax due diligence covering a thorough analysis and verification of the tax position of the audited entity as well as identification of tax risks, along with estimating the level of risk and quantifying potential tax arrears.
  • Support in the preparation and verification of share purchase agreement and asset purchase agreement;
  • Development of the transaction structure,
  • Identification and assessment of risks and potential tax benefits;
  • Securing transactions from the tax, financial and legal perspective by introducing appropriate contractual provisions and guarantee and compensation clauses, in particular in the context of risks identified at the due diligence stage;
  • Negotiations with the other party’s advisors regarding potential price adjustments in relation to identified risks and the seller’s liability rules;
  • Providing ongoing tax, legal and financial support at every stage of the process until the closing of the agreement and final price adjustment.
  • Support in the scope of correct settlement of completed acquisitions/transactions;
  • Supervision over tax, financial and legal aspects of integration of the ownership/property structure after the transaction;
  • Preparation of the structure for exiting the investment and/or profit distribution;
  • Ensuring timely submission of declarations and other required information or fulfilment of notification obligations related to the transaction (compliance).
  • Identification of possible restructuring models together with presentation of tax consequences and costs of carrying out individual options;
  • Presentation of tax risks involved in individual restructuring options, together with an assessment of their level and an indication of possible methods to minimize them;
  • Support in creating a business case for selected restructuring model;
  • Advisory on choosing the most effective financing method under the existing and target business model;
  • Legal and tax support as part of the implementation of the selected restructuring model (including preparation of transaction documentation);
  • Ongoing monitoring of tax issues related to restructuring;
  • Support in divestment and liquidation of national and international structures.
  • Support in the process of insurance of tax risks related to current settlements or risks identified at the due diligence stage in terms of the planned transaction;
  • Coordination of the process of taking out an insurance policy with a broker/insurer;
  • Support in negotiations with the broker or insurer with regard to the scope and terms of insurance.

Transaction Advisory Practice

The Transaction Advisory Practice incldues specialists whose knowledge covers the full range of issues related to the acquisition, sale of companies and enterprises as well as restructuring. Our Practice comprehensively supports clients in the processes of transformation, mergers, acquisitions, divisions, contributions and other restructuring activities, as well as in transaction consulting (including the development of an optimal transaction structure). We advise both the buyer and seller. We provide support at every stage of the transaction, from advisory before the transaction, through strictly transactional support and to activities performed at the post-transaction stage.

Our Practice works closely with the team of MDDP Olkiewicz i Wspólnicy law firm and MDDP Corporate Finance, thus offering comprehensive transaction advisory services in the tax, legal and financial areas. In implementing cross-border projects, MDDP cooperates with leading European and non-European law firms and advisory firms, providing the highest quality services, also in international transactions.

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