• Identification and reporting tax schemes

    • Audit of arrangements in terms of the obligation to report them to the Head of National Revenue Administration
    • Conducting workshops for employees on new obligations under the MDR
    • Preparation of an internal procedure preventing non-compliance with obligations related to MDR, the purpose of which is to organize the course of processes within the organization related to the identification and potential reporting of tax schemes to the Head of National Revenue Administration
    • Support in the process of reporting tax schemes
    • Hotline service – ongoing advice of our specialists in reporting MDR arrangements

    • A proprietary IT tool that helps identify tax schemes and related reporting obligations
    • Itt automates the process of completing the form if you need to report a tax scheme.
    • It ensures that the MDR reporting process is under full control at all times.
    • It will help you meet your tax obligations in a timely manner.
    • The data stored in the application allows you to prove due diligence in the MDR assessment process.
    • Defence file – The application allows you to organize the process while archiving the documentation collected as part of the reporting process – including XML and UPO structures, and also allows you to archive, together with the assessment of a given arrangement, additional documents on the basis of which decisions were made (e.g. contracts, invoices, other source documents).
Reporting tax schemes (MDR)

As of 1 January 2019, there are provisions that impose on certain entities an obligation to provide information on the so-called “Tax schemes” (MDR, Mandatory Disclosure Rules). The tax scheme is defined very broadly and the conditions for recognizing a given arrangement as a tax scheme often raise a number of doubts.


Failure to comply with the obligations related to providing information on tax schemes, failure to report information on the tax scheme to the Head of the National Revenue Administration, providing this information after the deadline or reporting errors may result in penal and fiscal liability of management board members and high fines.


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