• An application that allows one to forerun the action of tax authorities and identify the risk involved in settling VAT solely on the basis of the SAF-T;
  • The application can be used on an individual basis; the use of MS Office is the only requirement;
  • A software that allows one to perform quick and simple verification of the status of the counterparty’s registration as an active VAT payer in the Ministry of Finance database, as well as verification of EU contractors in the VIES database for intra-Community transactions;
  • Using the application immediately before the tax audit will indicate areas of VAT settlement that may arouse the interest of the tax office;
  • The application helps one to implement methodology-based procedures that allow a company to mitigate tax risk;
  • A proprietary and tailor-made tool which allows ongoing verification of transactions and a counterparty and thus allows one to assign responsibility for verification to appropriate units within the organization;
  • A proprietary tool that transparently helps one to identify tax schemes (MDR) and related reporting obligations;
  • The application enables efficient and secure management of the  tax scheme reporting process (MDR) in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Finance;
  • The application will help one in fulfilling formal obligations arising from new regulations;
  • It automates and speeds up the process of preparing transfer pricing documentation;
  • It will efficiently prepare complete documentation for tax audit purposes;
  • It will help one fulfil statutory obligations in a timely manner;
  • An application that allows one to perform automatic analysis and verify data contained in SAF-T and may help ensure the security of your tax settlements;
  • A proprietary IT tool that enables bulk verification of bank accounts and tax identification numbers of contractors in a simple and transparent manner;
  • It will help up to 10,000 bank account numbers or NIP tax identification numbers to be verified;
  • It ensures full data security and confidentiality – without the possibility of having the analysed data viewed by third parties;
  • A proprietary tool for TP-R reporting and identification of transfer pricing risks;
  • It allows the process of completing and then submitting the TP-R form to be automated and speeded up;
  • It allows the TP-R form to be completed correctly without having to verify the content of the rules and explanations – it will only require answering a few questions.
  • A tool that allows a new SAF-T structure to be generated for VAT purposes – JPK_V7M and JPK_V7K, which is mandatory for all taxpayers from 1 July 2020;
  • It enables the conversion of source data to JPK_V7M taking into account the specificity of the client

MDDP Digital Practice

The MDDP Digital Practice includes tax advisors whose expertise covers the full range of tax and legal issues, as well as IT specialists with experience related to database analysis, implementation of new technologies and mass data processing.

Our Practice provides comprehensive support to clients in implementing the latest technologies to improve current tax settlement  and also enables them to meet many documentation requirements directly resulting from tax laws and regulations.

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