Support for Ukraine

In the face of the ongoing Russian invasion in Ukraine, we observe a huge mobilisation among entrepreneurs and individuals, ready to provide humanitarian help to the war victims.

At the same time, we have noticed a growing need for reliable information and advice on formal and legal issues, in particular related to immigration law, labour law or tax settlements of the support provided to those in need.

As MDDP, we offer free ongoing legal and tax advice to companies and organisations that engage in humanitarian assistance, and we also provide pro bono legal support to refugees from Ukraine who are supported by our employees.

What kind of help do we provide?

Pro bono tax and legal assistance
Pro bono tax and legal assistance

Everyone is involved in helping Ukraine: the authorities, businesses and individuals. This raises certain legal and tax consequences for those providing support and the beneficiaries. Our pro bono experts explain to individuals and companies what solutions they can use when providing aid to Ukraine. We also offer legal and tax assistance to refugees who are supported by our employees.

In-kind support
In-kind support

We organize special collections for refugees among our employees. The purpose is always to provide those in need with specific and ongoing support.


We have opened our recruitment processes - both for expert positions and in the areas of business support - for refugees from Ukraine.

We are at your disposal

We will answer all your legal and tax questions on support for refugees and war victims, in particular:

  • tax solutions for supporting entrepreneurs providing aid to Ukraine;
  • CIT settlements of humanitarian help and other aid activities undertaken by companies supporting the people in need;
  • VAT regulations on donations to refugees and those fighting in Ukraine;
  • PIT solutions facilitating employment of citizens of Ukraine;
  • Regulations concerning legalisation of residence.

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