Investment Funds and Institutional Investors

The ever-changing tax environment requires investors to be vigilant in this area from the very first stage of investment implementation. Our experts provide comprehensive tax advisory services for investment funds, private equity funds, venture capital, as well as companies that are the subject of investment (the “target”).

We offer comprehensive tax advice that includes transactional advisory, post-transactional advisory, and ongoing comprehensive tax support. The MDDP Tax Advisory team works closely with the legal teams of Osborne Clarke, the financial teams of MDDP Corporate Finance, and the accountants of MDDP Outsourcing. Our support encompasses both local and international assistance, in collaboration with leading European and global advisory firms and law offices.

For whom?

Our support includes representing both funds and company owners into which these funds invest.

Investment Funds

Private equity

Venture capital

Industry Investors



How can we help?

Transactional Advisory

We provide support in tax advisory at all stages, including:

  • Tax Structuring of Transactions: Planning and support in creating domestic and international investment structures along with determining their tax consequences (with particular emphasis on possible forms of financing), indicating risks, and recommendations.
  • M&A: Conducting due diligence on behalf of the buyer and vendor due diligence in connection with transactions involving shares (share deal), assets (asset deal), or an enterprise/organized part of an enterprise (transfer of going concern).
  • Verification of Transaction Documentation: Securing transactions from a tax, financial, and legal perspective by introducing appropriate contractual provisions and warranty and indemnity clauses.
  • Negotiation Support: Providing ongoing support in negotiating the provisions of transaction documentation to ensure tax, financial, and legal security while simultaneously achieving the set business objectives.
  • Tax Verification of Financial Models: This involves considering the expected tax liabilities and the possibilities for settling tax assets.
  • Reorganizations: Providing legal and tax support in the analysis of potential business restructuring models and the implementation of selected models.
  • Tax Memoranda: Preparation of tax memoranda that are submitted to external institutions for transactional purposes (for example: banks and other financing institutions, brokers, insurers).
  • Individual Interpretations: Securing selected tax implications associated with the transaction execution.
  • Exit from Investment: Strategic planning of exit options from investments, considering tax, financial, and legal aspects, profit distribution, and structuring post-divestment.
  • Transfer Pricing: Within these areas, we provide tax support concerning transfer pricing for settlements with related entities.

Post-Transaction Advisory

  • Analysis of the tax consequences associated with possible forms of profit distribution, with particular emphasis on the settlement of withholding tax.
  • Comprehensive, ongoing tax advisory.
  • Tax reviews.
  • Co-sourcing of tax functions.
  • Determination of post-transaction settlement models.
  • Support during the reorganizations and restructuring of investment structures.
  • Market conformity analyses of settlements with respected entities: establishing prices in group settlements.
  • Support in applying for Advance Pricing Agreements (APA) to obtain decisions from tax authorities regarding:
  • The correctness of settlements with related parties.
  • Transfer Pricing (TP) reporting and compliance obligations.
  • Verification of TP obligations for compliance with regulations.
  • Creation of comprehensive agreements.
  • Tax inspections.

What industries do we support?

Among our clients are leading European and global investment funds, including those specializing in investments across various industries.

The industries we collaborate with include


Real Estate



Energy, including Renewable Energy Sources (RES)



Financial Sector, including Leasing




Waste management



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