In the era of the digital economy, cybersecurity becomes particularly important. The ability to ensure effective protection of data, systems and processes related to tax settlements is the foundation that allows building an effective and  safe tax management system in the organization.

How can we help you?

    • Defining the target tax function management model appropriate for your organization;
    • Review and analysis of existing systems, processes and procedures to determine its completeness, security and effectiveness, and to formulate a coherent system for managing the compliance and tax function;
    • Analysis of contracts with suppliers of individual IT solutions in order to ensure the appropriate level of support and security from your perspective.

Benefits for the customer

The implementation of an effective and safe tax management system requires the use of cybersecurity solutions that will minimize the risk of disruptions or irregularities in processes affecting the organization’s tax settlements.


Security – ensuring the safety of the organization and its managers – in particular management board members;

Control and efficiency of processes – improving control over the flow of information and tax documentation, and as a result, the possibility of streamlining tax processes and increasing the efficiency of tax management in the organization;

Reliability – ensuring the accuracy, completeness and reliability of tax information, and as a result, ensuring compliance with applicable tax regulations and minimizing the risk of violations;

System coherence – integration of tax procedures into a coherent and comprehensive system.

Our selected experiences

As part of MDDP, we supported a number of entities, market leaders in Poland in their areas, in assessing the adopted IT solutions in terms of their completeness, effectiveness and security. As a result, we provided support in improving their tax management system.

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