Dedicated Transfer Pricing trainings

What TP areas are you interested in? – QUESTIONNAIRE

We organize special trainings (both in-person and on-line) tailored to your needs. The workshops are hosted by our experts in TP matters who have expertise and many years of experience in implementing TP projects in practice.

  1. A step-by-step guide to meeting TP obligations

  2. How to identify related entities?

  3. How to address the TP matter and protect against risks?

  4. How to comply with the new regulations on tax heaven transactions?

In the short survey, please state the area(s) you are interested in:

The trainings are addressed to:

  • individuals in tax and finance departments involved in documenting transfer pricing transactions,
  • finance directors, tax managers, financial controllers, chief accountants,
  • representatives of Polish and foreign companies, including capital groups, in which commercial settlements are an important element of the business process.
  • Workshop topics tailored to the specificities and needs of the client.
  • Practical examples of the application of regulations.
  • Opportunity for discussion and active questioning of the expert during the meeting.
  • Possibility to develop examples based on a specific case study indicated by the client.
  • Possibility to propose topics important to participants for inclusion in the training programme.
  • Presentation of the meeting for all participants.
  • Certificate of participation.
  • Individually agreed with the client and dependent on the specific topic of the training and the number of participants.
  • Company-dedicated, closed workshops with MDDP experts tailored to the specifics of the Client’s business.

  • We conduct the workshop in a formula adapted to the Client’s needs, at a previously agreed date.

  • The duration of the training will be adjusted to the subject matter and the Customer’s needs.

  • The number of workshop participants on the Customer’s side is unlimited.

If you have any further questions, please contact:

Dorota Chruściel-Dziekańska (organisational matters)

We have been on the market since 2004. During this time we have prepared several thousand documentations, several hundred transfer pricing analyses and more than a dozen advance pricing agreements (APAs). Our team consists of around 50 transfer pricing specialists. We support our clients in connection with tax audits. We answer questions and dispel doubts on an ongoing basis. We take an individual approach to each client’s needs. In as little as one week, we are able to prepare a complete, high-quality benchmark to provide you with security. None of our documentation or benchmarks have been formally challenged. We focus on automating processes and saving customers’ time. Our Smart.TP and Smart.TP-R applications make it much easier and faster to comply with transfer pricing obligations, reducing the number of potential mistakes. We offer access to up-to-date knowledge in the form of current information on the blog, free webinars and training courses. Our experts regularly publish articles in the trade and economic press.