MDDP for the “Zaczytani” Foundation

By supporting the idea of reading in Poland, MDDP has got involved in organizing its own book collections for the Zaczytani Foundation, which has been promoting reading and social education  since 2013by running the Great Book Collection and opening libraries in hospital wards.

We encourage all MDDP employees to look through their home book resources, and if they have titles at home which they want to get rid of, we can transfer them to the Zaczytani Foundation. As part of the collections, we collect all items – both for the youngest and older readers. Thanks to our books, hospital patients can take a break from everyday worries and find joy in reading.

In addition, the Foundation’s volunteers appear in hospitals every day, read books to children and conduct fairy tale therapy. Joanna Ryś-Bednarczyk from the VAT Compliance Practice was such a Reading Volunteer.