MDDP on Polish Taxes I Mandatory e-invoicing in Poland

February 8, 2023 at 10:00 a.m. CET

The European Commission has approved Poland’s plan for mandatory e-invoicing and from July 1, 2024, structured invoices will already be mandatory for all taxpayers. They will be issued and received via a nationwide IT programme, the National e-Invoicing System (KSeF). Each invoice will be issued in a standardised xml format.

The very process of implementing KSeF in companies requires many changes to operating, accounting and IT systems and is very time-consuming, which is why it is already worth becoming familiar with the system’s assumptions. Only by planning the implementation process of structured invoices correctly and early enough will the company be properly prepared for the changes.

What needs to be changed, when and in what order does this need to be changed? What should you pay particular attention to? How will the process of sending and receiving structured invoices look like in practice? Bearing in mind the numerous questions as to the preparation for the implementation of the KSeF system, we invite you to take part in free webinar conducted by MDDP experts.

The webinar will be conducted in English. Webinar is free of charge.

During the webinar, among others, the following points shall be discussed:

  1. Mandatory e-invoicing – when and for whom?
  2. Main assumptions – sending and receiving invoices via KSeF.
  3. Controversy regarding the fixed establishment for foreign companies.
  4. Standardized e-invoice scheme.
  5. Implementation challenges – how to prepare for e-invoicing.

The “MDDP on Polish Taxes I Mandatory e-invoicing in Poland” webinar is a free online seminar addressed to MDDP clients and business partners. The number of places is limited. The organizer reserves the right to refuse to accept the application.
After confirming the acceptance of the application by e-mail, in the next e-mail you will receive an individual link to the website where the MDDP WEBINAR will be held.

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