• MDDP’s legal arm joins forces with the global law firm Osborne Clarke
  • For a start, the team will have almost 40 lawyers (including 5 partners); the law firm plans to gradually expand the team
  • The co-operation under a renowned international brand name opens up new opportunities for the firm’s development, while its clients will gain access to Osborne Clarke’s global know-how and business contacts.

On 1 March a new strong player appeared on the Polish market of legal services – the international law firm Osborne Clarke whose personnel has been expanded by the experienced team of lawyers of the law firm MDDP Olkiewicz i Wspólnicy being a sister law firm of MDDP Michalik Dłuska Dziedzic i Partnerzy, one of the largest tax advisory firms in Poland.

“As MDDP Group we recognized international expansion as our strategic direction for development a long time ago. Now, in co-operation with one of the leading law firms in Europe and worldwide, we will be able to press ahead with our plans even more efficiently by relying on what we share with Osborne Clarke, being the areas of competence, work methods and organizational culture.” – said Tomasz Olkiewicz, previous managing partner in the law firm MDDP Olkiewicz i Wspólnicy, who started to perform the function of Co-Managing Partner of Osborne Clarke in Poland.

Omar Al-Nuaimi, International CEO at Osborne Clarke, commented: “Poland is an important and strategic move for us. Given it’s the fifth largest EU economy and very well positioned for targeting international businesses in CEE. It’s also an increasingly important market given the rapidly evolving situation in the Ukraine and the broader geopolitical factors. Many of our clients have welcomed the fact that we will have a team in Poland to assist them as they navigate the changing business landscape.”

Osborne Clarke’s legal services are focused on and around three major economic trends: decarbonization, digitalization and urban dynamics. “These matters are gaining in importance also for entrepreneurs on Polish market who will be able to use the services of a local legal advisor but will at the same time have access to the global capabilities of Osborne Clarke” – said Olgierd Świerzewski, Co-Managing Partner of Osborne Clarke in Poland.

The law firm’s new almost 40-strong team will service entities from key industries, such as new technologies, energy, infrastructure, real estate, and financial services sectors. A large number of modern solutions and concepts developed by lawyers in Osborne Clarke’s offices worldwide will be ready to be offered to Polish clients seeking legal support in their core business areas.

“MDDP’s strategic growth directions are aligned with Osborne Clarke’s specializations. We have been looking for an appropriate partner and are very happy that we found one in Osborne Clarke, a law firm that shares our vision of development, our thoughts of the future and our values. We are deeply convinced that owing to this co-operation, our clients will gain comprehensive legal support for their operations carried out across the globe” – commented Tomasz Michalik of MDDP Michalik Dłuska Dziedzic i Partnerzy.

Osborne Clarke is an international law firm with over 1,300 lawyers in 26 locations across the world.