Tax audits and proceedings in 2023

31.01.2023 | 10.00-13.00

Increasing budgetary needs, expanding powers of tax authorities and more effective methods of verifying taxpayers’ accounts – all of this means that 2023 could be a year of highly intensive activity of tax authorities as part of tax audits and proceedings. 

During the workshop, we will take a look at figures regarding the number of tax audits and proceedings to date; we will furthermore analyse what the effectiveness of the activities of tax authorities are (in challenging taxpayers’ settlements). We will present the main areas of current interest of the tax authorities – the issues most frequently investigated by tax authorities.

Judging by the recent practice of tax authorities, the number of tax audits and proceedings should be definitely expected to increase in 2023. Therefore, we will also look ahead – we will try to highlight the areas that may be at particular risk of being checked by tax authorities in 2023.

The consequences of irregularities in settlements may be absolutely far-reaching and lead to tax arrears, fiscal penal liability or loss of the possibility to apply from preferential solutions (e.g. VAT group). Therefore – we will try to give you tips on how to prepare for tax audits and proceedings and on the areas special attention should be paid to when such procedures are initiated.

We will also analyse the most common mistakes that taxpayers make during tax audits and proceedings. The consequences of mistakes made by taxpayers at the initial stage of tax audits and proceedings are frequently very difficult to remedy at a later stage and should be known and avoided.

  1. Main outline of procedures for checking taxpayers’ settlements in Poland (tax audit, tax proceedings, customs and fiscal control).
  2. Analysis of data on the number of tax proceedings and audits conducted in recent years.
  3. Main areas of current interest of the tax authorities
  4. What can we expect in 2023 in terms of tax audits and proceedings?
  5. How can you prepare for tax audits and proceedings?
  6. Basic mistakes of taxpayers in tax audits and proceedings.
  • Corporate board members
  • Tax specialists, finance directors, chief accountants, accountants, corporate finance officers, persons responsible for managing the tax affairs of companies.
  1. Practical examples of the application of regulations.
  2. Opportunity for discussion and active questioning of the expert.
  3. Presentation from the meeting to all participants.
  4. Recording of the training available to participants for 14 days after the training link has been sent.
  5. Certificate of participation.
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