Tax Litigation

Why is this important?

Tax audits and proceedings involve the risk that a taxpayer’s settlements may be challenged and, as a result, tax arrears may arise.

The significant level of complexity of tax law  means that taxpayers often have difficulties in proving the correctness of their tax settlements before tax authorities and administrative courts.

How can we help?

We will provide your company with comprehensive support at every stage of tax audits and tax and administrative court proceedings, including:

We will develop a litigation strategy.

We will conduct communication with the tax administration on behalf of the taxpayer.

We will prepare or verify explanations during tax audits and proceedings.

We will verify the documents (and the validity of their use as evidence during the proceedings).We will prepare pleadings presenting arguments supporting the taxpayer's position.

We will accompany your company in all evidentiary actions (including witness interviews and inspections).

We will prepare the necessary pleadings, including explanations and objections to the tax inspection protocol, appeals, complaints, complaints to the Provincial Administrative Court, cassation complaints to the Supreme Administrative Court.

We will represent your company at hearings before administrative courts.

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