The Revolution in tax regulations for real estate companies

Increasing tax obligations in the so-called real estate companies, granting a limited partnership the status of an income tax payer, limiting the possibility of settling losses and reducing depreciation rates, as well as other types of transactions under the magnifying glass of the tax authorities – these are only some of the tax changes introduced by MF in order to tighten the tax system. What, when, for whom and how will it change in 2021?

Justyna Bauta-Szostak, tax adviser, legal counsel, partner at MDDP Michalik Dłuska Dziedzic i Partnerzy will the present all the issues during the 26. Doroczna Konferencja Rynku Nieruchomości Komercyjnych in Poland.

During the event there will also be discussed about the impact of the pandemic on decisions about acquisitions, leases and constructions and prospects for the market in the coming months.