MDDP carried out TP projects with a total value of over EUR 1.3 billion (about PLN 5.8 billion) for an international group operating on the residential, commercial, including office and commercial real estate markets around the world.

  1. As part of one of the investment projects creating an innovative business line in the housing sector, MDDP analysed the planned flows between transaction parties, types of activities and the role of individual entities. Based on the analysis and assumptions of the business plan, MDDP supported the Group in determining the market remuneration for service and financing transactions.
  2. Another project was an investment involving the purchase of commercial real estate with an area exceeding 700m2. MDDP was involved in determining the market remuneration for financial flows.
  3. MDDP supported separating the structure of the Group’s related entities and preparing the given structure for sale to another Group on the real estate market.
  4. The work carried out by MDDP also included the preparation of comparative analyses as part of financial transactions and preparation of TP documentation.