Valuations and financial modelling

The valuation of businesses and intangible assets is a crucial element in the process of making strategic decisions and conducting business transactions.

We provide comprehensive support to entities operating within capital groups. From the earliest stages of business model development and transaction execution, we deliver solutions tailored to clients’ individual needs, taking into account specific industry factors.

When might the need for a valuation arise?

Sales transactions

Donation transactions

Reorganisations (mergers, divisions, contributions)

Internal information for the owner


Licensing of intangible assets

Sale of customer bases

Exit fee

When comparative analysis cannot be conducted due to lack of data

Our goal is to provide reliable and professional valuations that will serve as a solid basis for making business decisions.

Combining experience in transfer pricing and valuations allows us to prepare valuations that can be utilised from both tax and business perspectives.

How can we help you?

Valuations and financial modelling

Prepare reliable and professional valuations as a solid basis for strategic business decisions.

Business valuation:

  • Valuation of companies (businesses as a whole)
  • Valuation of organised parts of companies (OCP)
  • Valuation of shares and interests in limited liability companies
  • Valuation for tax structuring/documentation purposes
  • Valuation of operating segments
  • Valuation for M&A transactions and investment analysis
  • Valuation for shareholder disputes

Valuation of intangible assets:

  • Valuation of trademarks
  • Valuation of customer bases
  • Valuation of royalties and intellectual property
  • Valuation of technology / know-how
  • Valuation of software
  • Domain valuation
  • Valuation of debt portfolios

In addition

  • Fairness opinions
  • Valuations for inheritance or donation purposes
  • Exit fee valuations for acquired businesses
  • Valuations for the purposes of obtaining financing, including bond issues
  • Financial modelling and economic consultancy

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