We are starting at MDDP with a new series of webinars dedicated to our clients and foreign partners who conduct tax or business projects in Poland “MDDP on Polish taxes”. If someone from your foreign headquarters would be interested in participating in these webeinars, we kindly encourage you to send this invitation.

During a series of subsequent online meetings, we will present the specifics of all the most important tax regulations in Poland that have recently appeared and which must be taken into account for the correctness of settlements and tax security. As part of the series, we will discuss, among others tax changes affecting transactions, changes in transfer pricing, key changes in VAT, withholding tax, mandatory disclosure rules or the latest obligations for real estate companies. We’ll start with the webinar concering new obligation:

„Tax strategy – new challenges for taxpayers”

Since January 2021 regulations have been in force which oblige the largest taxpayers to publish a report on tax strategy realized in the tax year on their websites.

The regulations raise a number of controversies, in particular as to the scope of the obligations they impose, not to mention numerous myths that have arisen around them in the media and public discussions. Applying an overly cautious approach and too broad understanding of the obligation may expose an enterprise to unnecessary business and RP risk. On the other hand, getting ready for the implementation of the obligation to publish the strategy information can be treated as an opportunity to better organize the issues involved in managing the tax function in the company and to increase the company’s tax security.

Therefore, during the meeting, we will tell you how to deal with the new obligation in practice, while balancing the requirements of tax security with business security, we will try to present possible ways of understanding it, we will present our assessment of related risks and possible penal fiscal liability, taking into account also experiences from other tax jurisdictions where companies have been obliged for years to publish information about their strategy.

In the webinar program

1. Publication of information on the implemented tax strategy. Basic information on the new obligation.
2. Who does the new obligation apply to?
3. The information the disclosure of which is required to fulfil the obligation.
4. What is a tax strategy? Is there an obligation to have a written tax strategy?
5. Tax strategy vs. tax procedures. Which procedures are important from the perspective of tax security?
6. Tax strategy in practice. Experiences from other countries.
7. Fulfilment of the obligation – security, threats and sanctions.

The meeting will be conducted by:
  • Alicja Sarna
  • Agnieszka Wnuk