MDDP joined #RatujBiznes [#SaveBusiness] campaign

MDDP joined #RatujBiznes [#SaveBusiness] campaign run by the SME Ombudsman. Our experts will provide on a pro-bono basis legal and tax assistance to entrepreneurs from the SME sector affected by the current economic situation caused by the coronavirus. They will assist entrepreneurs in completing and submitting support applications.

Campaign purpose

The campaign aims to inform micro, small and medium-sized enterprises about the support instruments they are entitled to take advantage of in the field of public receivables and to provide them with pro bono legal assistance in the preparation and submission of support applications. Thanks to the help of law and tax firms involved in the campaign, entrepreneurs have an opportunity to get the support without delay caused by the authorities’ requests to remedy formal deficiencies, rejection of applications originally submitted and the need to re-submit applications, etc.

How will the assistance be provided

Legal assistance to entrepreneurs will be provided remotely with the use of telephone, e-mail, video calls, instant messengers, etc. The principle is that the assistance / consultation / advisory in the preparation and submission of applications for the support will be provided free of charge. #RatujBiznes assistance will not apply to any other issues (for example settlements with contractors, employer-employee relations, amendments to contracts, restructuring proceedings, etc.). Law firms and advisers participating in the campaign may refuse to provide free assistance other than preparing and submitting support applications. Any and all other activities and possible remuneration involved in their rendition will be determined by the law firm/advisory firm with the given entrepreneur. At the same time, please bear in mind that the SME Ombudsman is only the initiator and organizer of the #RatujBiznes campaign, it is not an intermediary, proxy or any other entity that may be included in the relation between the firm offering assistance and the entrepreneurs for whom free legal services will be provided.

The law firm/advisory firm will also determine with the entrepreneur whether it will act as the entrepreneur’s representative. The SME Ombudsman recommends that the applications be signed and submitted by the entrepreneurs themselves. However, arrangements made between a law firm/advisory firm and an entrepreneur making use of the free assistance may differ from the recommended ones.