We are very pleased to announce that MDDP has yet again been awarded in the Rzeczpospolita Tax Advisory Firms Ranking – this year we have been awarded in three categories:

  • Prestigious win before courts in VAT;
  • Deal of the year 2018
  • Innovative solution in 2018.

In the category “Prestigious win before courts in VAT” the Rzeczpospolita has awarded the case won before the Voivodeship Administrative Court (I SA/Wr 351/18). The case led by Alicja Sarna, the head of the Tax Controversy and Litigation Practice, concerned due diligence, which included an appeal in cases of a company from the metallurgy and scrap metal trade. Theses presented by the Voivodship Administrative Court were a breakthrough in the approach of courts to carousel fraud cases.

In the “Prestigious transaction of 2018” category the Rzeczpospolita has awarded the advisory services of the Real Estate Practice, led by Justyna Bauta-Szostak, regarding the financing of transactions of the Griffin Real Estate Group.

In the “Innovative Solution” category, the jury awarded products from the MDDP Digital line – VATcheck, NIPcheck, SAFETYcheck and MDRcheck applications, which are used to automate processes related to tax obligations and increasing taxpayers’ safety related to compliance with tax obligations.

In addition, our experts have been recommended in four categories:

  • Justyna Bauta-Szostak in the Real estate tax category;
  • Magdalena Marciniak in the Transfer pricing advisory category;
  • Tomasz Michalik in the VAT category;
  • Alicja Sarna in the Tax proceedings category.

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