The process of sealing the tax system continues. Subsequent changes in tax regulations resulting from decisions of international institutions and national authorities are being introduced to the legal orders in individual jurisdictions.The high scrutiny of the tax authorities is still focused on transfer prices, and the number of tax audits of intragroup transactions continues to grow.

As a consequence of the new regulations being introduced, taxpayers are required to provide tax authorities with a lot of very detailed information about the company, as well as transactions with related entities, including in particular the results of comparative analyzes and the taxpayer’s result realized on the transaction. In addition, meeting these obligations is associated with a large administrative burden for companies whose accounting and financial teams have to cope with numerous reporting obligations and the need to develop specialist knowledge in the field of transfer pricing.
To help our clients – especially those who conduct business operations within multinational capital groups – we have prepared the third edition of “Transfer Pricing Guide”, which has been created in collaboration with the leading European advisory companies – MDDP, Sorainen, DGKV, Kondor, Eucon and Blaz Pate & Partners. We have focused on jurisdictions which are located mainly in Central and Eastern Europe and have gathered not only the most important information on the transfer pricing law effective in a given jurisdiction, but also a set of practical information that many of you may find useful while struggling with the new challenges during preparation of transfer pricing documentation.

We hope you’ll find it useful!