We are very pleased to announce that during the General Meeting of CFE Tax Advisers Europe, Anna Misiak, MDDP Partner, as Head of Tax Practice and Advisory, Board Member of the Chamber of Tax Advisers,  has been reappointed to the position of vice-president of the organization!

Ania Misiak at CFE is responsible for the work of the working committee “NEW TAX PROFFESIONALS”, of which aim is to create a forum in CFE for young tax advisers in Europe (representatives of member organizations). The main objective of the NTP committee in CFE is to build cross-border relations between people who join the profession of tax advisor, to discuss important issues and changes in the profession for young tax advisors and to share experiences from member countries in the field of functioning of tax advice from the perspective of a young tax advisor.

CFE Tax Advisers Europe is the most representative organisation of European tax advisers, comprised of 33 member organisations from over 26 European Union countries. Accordingly, CFE plays an important role in promoting uniform standards for access to the tax profession and its practice, and in contributing to European discussion and consultations to ensure fair taxation and the protection of taxpayers’ rights.