Brexit has made us busy. Why?


While it may have been sold by some as a way of cutting red tape, Britain’s exit from the single market has presented numerous new rules for exports and imports.


This has led to an increased demand for lawyers and customs agents to help confused businesses navigate the new landscape.

“Brexit has made us really busy,” says Agnieszka Kisielewska, international trade and tax partner at Warsaw-based law firm MDDP.

In 2020, the business saw the number of customers seeking trade advice double. In 2021, the number of customers more than doubled again, and MDDP had to increase its trade team by a quarter.

One of the best known tax advisers in Poland, the firm’s expansion has coincided with a boom in Polish trade with the UK since Brexit. Total bilateral trade hit £31.2bn in 2023, up 28% on 2019, while the value of imports reached £20.5bn, up more than 29% from four years earlier.




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