5 awards for MDDP in Dziennik Gazeta Prawna ranking

We are happy to share with you some last-minute information! In the latest XVIII Ranking of Tax Firms and Advisers, MDDP was on the podium five times.

Agnieszka Kisielewska best excise adviser

Agnieszka Kisielewska, combines excise specialisation with extensive knowledge and experience in customs and VAT advisory. She supports Polish and international entrepreneurs in the excise aspects of doing business internationally, in particular in planning supply chains, applying exemptions, obtaining Binding Excise Information (WIA) and excise permits. Since the beginning of her career, she has been involved in the green aspects of taxes, mainly excise.

One of Agnieszka Kisielewska’s successes in 2023 was to secure a landmark judgment from the Supreme Administrative Court on the conditions for the application of the 0 per cent excise tax rate. Agnieszka Kisielewska also completed a number of outstanding tax projects:

  • Implementation of changes to intra-community supplies of alcoholic products to individuals
  • Analysis of issues in an innovative project for solar charging and parking stations for bicycles and electric scooters

MDDP consistently among the top large tax advisory firms in Poland

The 18th Ranking of Firms and Tax Advisers of Dziennik Gazeta Prawna confirms that MDDP closed the 2023 year on a good note – we are ranked first among large tax advisory firms (up to 50 qualified persons) in terms of both number of advisors and revenue.

MDDP honoured in the tax litigation category

DGP ranked MDDP second in the tax litigation category, recognising three landmark cases handled by MDDP that ended in judgments by the Supreme Administrative Court in favour of taxpayers:

In 2023, MDDP represented clients in 56 proceedings, 19 of which were conducted before the Supreme Administrative Court and 16 of which ended in a favourable ruling for the taxpayer.

MDDP honoured in the private client advisory category

In 2023 MDDP was involved in multi-faceted advice to more than a dozen clients on planning a private wealth management structure and succession using a family foundation. In the tax area, clients setting up family foundations were advised by MDDP experts Monika M. Dziedzic, Justyna Bauta-Szostak and Bartosz Głowacki. In legal matters, support for foundations established by MDDP was provided by lawyers from Osborne Clarke, a law firm cooperating with MDDP, and in accounting matters by MDDP Outsourcing.

On the other hand, MDDP’s Personal Tax and Employer Advisory team, led by Anna Misiak, carried out projects dedicated to changing the tax residency of individuals, including partners of companies – to other countries (e.g. Switzerland, Portugal, Monaco, Italy), as well as to Poland. The Personal Tax team was also responsible for the implementation of projects related to the employment of key personnel from abroad, including the maintenance of foreign tax residence and social security in foreign countries.

#MORE in Dziennik Gazeta Prawna.

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