We offer a range of activities with regard R&D tax relief, starting from feasibility study to the application.

  • Verification of present activity from the R&D perspective and identification of potential activities that can be included in the R&D relief in the future

  • Identification and estimation of tax costs that can be include in the relief (double deductibility)

  • Identification of the costs that should be included in the R&D relief only on the grounds of individual letter of practice (tax ruling), drafting of the tax ruling application

  • Advisory on recommended documentation of R&D relief

  • Reconciliation of income tax including R&D relief

  • Identification of risks (if any) in already applied R&D relief

R&D tax relief

Allows for double (or even 2,5) deduction of given expenses incurred on R&D.

R&D is defined as constant process aimed at development of new products, processes or services or aimed on improvement of existing ones. Successful completion is not required.

For whom?

Almost for everyone. R&D can be applied in every industry and by each taxpayer.  The relief may not apply when taxpayer benefits from other tax incentives, like income tax exemption in Special Economic Zone.


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