The Co-operation Programme

Why is it important?

The Co-operation Programme is a voluntary form of cooperation between taxpayers and the National Tax Administration in Poland. Its purpose is to ensure that tax obligations are correctly fulfilled and to guarantee the transparency of the organisation’s activities.

Entities that join the Co-operation Programme will receive a number of benefits, including:

  • priority realization of tax refunds,
  • preferences in the calculation of interest on tax arrears,
  • exemption from reporting of tax schemes (MDR), with the exception of cross-border schemes,
  • reduction of fees for issuing APAs/security opinions,
  • increasing the efficiency of the internal system for managing tax issues and gaining certainty as to the correct application of tax law.

How can we help?

Preparing the taxpayer for the Co-operation Programme – analysis of tax processes and procedures to prepare the taxpayer to apply for the Co-operation Programme,

Implementation of tax compliance management system solutions such as processes, rules, policies and procedures – tailored to the specificities and needs of the organisation,

Preparation of the application to join the Co-operation Programme and the taxpayer self-assessment form,

Conducting an Independent Audit of the Tax Function,

Support at all stages of the process of joining the Co-Operation Programme (including communication with the tax authorities).

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