Polish Investment Zone (PIZ)

The Polish Investment Zone is a scheme for granting tax reliefs to entrepreneurs making new investments. It has replaced the support granted under the Special Economic Zones (SEZ) regime.

This instrument entitles to CIT or PIT exemption on the basis of a support decision.

For whom?

The solutions as part of the Polish Investment Zone are aimed at all companies planning a new investment, regardless of their size (i.e. both micro, small, medium and large entrepreneurs) operating in the industry and modern services sector (including those operating in the IT sector or conducting R&D work).

A new investment should be understood as:

  1. establishment of a new enterprise,
  2. increasing the production capacity of an existing plant,
  3. diversification of production through introduction of products not previously produced in the plant,
  4. a fundamental change in the production process of an existing plant,
  5. acquisition of assets belonging to a plant that has been closed down or would have closed had the purchase not taken place.

Amount of exemption

The income tax exemption limit is calculated as a percentage of:

  • the cost of the new investment (capital expenditure incurred), or
  • 2-year cost of employing new staff.

Although the exemption can be used throughout Poland, the amount of the exemption depends on the intensity of state aid in a given region and the size of the enterprise.

The time for using the exemption also depends on the chosen investment location.  The reduced tax can be used, depending on the region, for 10, 12 or 15 or until the limit has been used.

How can we help you?

We will define the rules for the state aid coverage of the planned investment according to the assumptions indicated by the taxpayer

We will identify revenues covered and not covered by the PIZ exemption

We will identify eligible costs covered by state aid

We will develop a methodology for calculating income covered by state aid, propose allocation keys

We will support the discounting of eligible costs and state aid

We will confirm unclear/questionable tax issues related to the settlement of activities in PZI through an advance tax ruling

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