Prototype tax relief

The prototype tax relief allows a deduction of up to 30% of the total costs incurred for the trial production and marketing a new product.

Trial production costs - what are they?

Trial production costs include expenses incurred for:

  • purchase of fixed assets necessary to launch trial production;
  • improvement of fixed assets in order to launch trial production;
  • purchase of materials and raw materials.

Marketing a new product - what can you deduct?

The prototype tax relief allows for the deduction from the tax base of costs incurred on:

  • research and expert opinions
  • preparation of documentation necessary to obtain certificates
  • obtaining marketing and other compulsory permits
  • product life cycle tests
  • environmental technology verification schemes

How can we help you?

We will identify eligible costs to take advantage of the prototype tax relief.

We will prepare simulations and calculations of savings resulting from the tax relief.

We will support you in the proper documentation of costs.

We will help you claim the prototype tax relief and verify the correctness of its use.

We will apply for an advance tax ruling in order to clarify any doubts.

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