Special fundraising by MDDP for Women of Ukraine

Today is International Women’s Day. We do remember about it since the feminine part has a great, real and everyday meaning at MDDP. It is clear in the very name of our company, the composition of the management board and most of our expert and support teams.

We are all aware that a million people have already fled Ukraine to Poland, most of whom are women. They are now safe and far from bombs and missiles. Those who have decided to stay in Poland are starting to organize their new lives here. They are about to start looking for work, signing up children in schools or kindergartens.

Having fled from the war with just one suitcase, they do not have items necessary in peaceful times of rebuilding their lives here in Poland.


Therefore, with Ukrainian women and their feminine needs in mind, we collect things that will help them feel beautiful, self-confident and strong in the struggle they are fighting for themselves and their loved ones.


This year, Women’s Day is an opportunity for us to show solidarity with strong, brave and courageous Ukrainian women. Today at MDDP, a special fundraising is launched: “MDDP for Women of Ukraine”. We organize it together with our Team. Feel free to join us!


#MORE in the Rzeczpospolita daily.




#WIĘCEJ na ten temat na łamach Rzeczpospolitej.