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The unprecedented situation in Ukraine has brought about multifaceted changes.

Our experts provide assistance with regard to formal, legal and organisational issues, supporting our clients, their businesses as well as non-governmental and charitable organizations.

There are many opportunities available to Ukrainian businesses in Poland.

  • How can a Ukrainian business enter the Polish market?
  • How do you navigate through the maze of regulations?
  • How do you effectively take advantage of a friendly business environment?

We help domestic and international companies that are starting or preparing to start their operations in Ukraine. We also support entities already operating on the Ukrainian market.

Who are our services aimed at?

  • Ukrainian entrepreneurs transferring their business to Poland,
  • Polish entities employing Ukrainian citizens,
  • Ukrainian companies employing persons performing work from the territory of Poland,
  • Polish companies that operate or intend to operate on the Ukrainian market.

How can we help you?

  • employment of persons from Ukraine
  • obligations of a Polish tax remitter
  • business activity in Poland
  • tax credits
  • remote work
  • chain import/export transactions;
  • import/export of services;
  • brokering of goods - determining the nature of the supply and its taxation;
  • simplifications in import VAT;
  • application of the export 0% rate.
  • customs exemptions;
  • preferential origin under PEM;
  • customs valuation in chain transactions;
  • classification of e.g. electronics;
  • transit of militaria through Poland;
  • AEO;
  • CBAM and prohibition of forced labour.
Excise duty
Excise duty
  • application of the suspension procedure at import;
  • refund of excise duty at export;
  • changes planned from 13 February 2023.
  • Polish Holding Company
  • Expansion tax credit
  • Construction establishment - when is it formed and what are the rules of profit attribution
  • Forms of investment financing (loans, leasing, factoring)
  • Consortium / joint venture - accounting rules.
Legal Advisory Services
Legal Advisory Services
  • employment of foreigners
  • legal analysis of the legality of stay
  • legal contracts
  • forms of conducting business activity
  • liability of partners/shareholders/members of bodies
  • reporting obligations.

Feel free to contact us

Agnieszka Kisielewska

Partner | Tax consultant | Head of the customs and excise team
T: (+48) 600 097 363

Anna Misiak

Partner | Tax adviser
T: (+48) (22) 376 52 86

Katarzyna Kozakowska

Senior Manager | Tax adviser
T: (+48) 608 581 583

Rafał Sidorowicz

Senior Manager | Tax adviser
T: (+48) 506 788 582

Iwanna Lewko

Senior Consultant | Tax adviser
T: (+48) 503 974 625

Olgierd Świerzewski

Co-Managing Partner, Head of IT & Data
T: (+48) 502 198 010

Anna Golenia

Senior Associate
T: (+48) 504 399 787

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